I am LOVE. You are LOVE, too!

So asks the song “What’s Love Got To Do With It?”  EVERYTHING!  When you send out love with words, thoughts, actions, and of course songs, it is Raising Our Vibe!

LOVE is displayed in the largest font on the ROV t-shirts, because I felt that I needed to express this word the most.  This is the word that can make the biggest positive impact!  When you say or think the word love right now, do you feel a smile starting on your face?  Maybe you can actually feel your heart smiling right now when you are thinking about this big four letter word?!  I can feel mine smiling so big that it is raising my vibe!  I want the same for you!

Think of all of the times in your life when you felt love, said the word love.  There are so many songs sung that have this amazing word in them!  It’s a pretty powerful word!  Have you ever signed a card, or received a card, that you signed or was signed with love?  How did that action make you feel?  When I’m writing the word love, or reading it, it helps me to feel happy inside.  I LOVE feeling happy!  

I gravitate to those things that have the word LOVE on them!  I always have!  Even during the photo shoot that I participated in, I grabbed a prop that was not a designated one for the session, and boldly held it in front of me, all because LOVE was the word on this item!  I felt strongly compelled to show what I stand for in those photos!  

How do you feel about this word?  Who do you love? Who gives you so much love?  Take a few moments to pause and think about what this word means to you.  Does it bring you joy?  Does it make you smile?  Does it make you feel a bit lifted?  I hope so!
My intention with the word LOVE on the ROV t-shirts is to have people see this word, think about what this word means, and send out love to others, to our planet. Do you want to make our world a better place?  I do!  Maybe we can help someone’s day be a bit brighter by sending some love their way!  Are you with me?  Let’s keep on Raising Our Vibe, together!  

“All you need is love, love.  Love is all we need.”  I send you so much LOVE today!  You are loved!

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