Think Kindness

KINDNESS really does matter!  It matters in everything thing that you do, everywhere that you are.  Kindness is only an 8 letter word, but those 8 letters put together can make an amazing wave of goodness, wherever you go!  Doesn’t it make you feel good when you say that word out loud?!  When I speak the word kindness, at the “i”, is when I start feeling happy already!  Notice how you feel, too!  I think that there’s a lot that we could all learn from being more aware of how words make us feel.
Who puts a big smile on your face when you think of the word KINDNESS?!  I bet a few people come to mind!  There are lots of people in our world who do nice things to lift others up!  Let’s ride the wave of kindness!  Random acts of kindness…I’m in!  In what ways to you practice acts of kindness?  Whenever I travel, I take a few bags of dog treats and then bring them with me when I’m walking.  If I come across a homeless person with a dog, I give them some treats, after I ask if it’s okay.  Sometimes I give them the whole bag (or 2!)!  I feel really filled up with joy when I take this action.  I feel like I’m making some sort of difference.  Makes me feel good inside!  Is there something that someone needs, that maybe you can help to lift them up, by any act of kindness?  I do understand what it is meant by the saying “it’s better to give than receive”!  
So many people have helped to lift me up over the years, especially the last 5!  They’ve said nice words, gone out of their way to make me feel loved and special!  They’ve extended their hands to me, when I’ve been at low points on my journey.  They’ve helped my mind go to a place of joy when they’ve held a door open for me, said please & thank you, rushed out of a door to give me a beautiful bouquet of flowers as I was leaving the parking lot of a grocery store!!!  Thank you for the kindness that you’ve sent my way, everyone!  I so value and appreciate you!
What about the ones that seem to be needing a bit more because they appear to be more on the 1/2 empty glass point of view outlook?  Those not so kind people, they are a bit challenging, I agree!  I’ve always said that those people need a lot of extra kindness vomit sent their way, because they need more to be moved into the kind state of mind!  They need an extra dose the most!  We just don’t know what others are going through, have gone through.  Everyone’s journey is very different.  My theory has always been that if I was so kind to them, that maybe they’d turn around and pass that kindness on to the person who served them at the grocery store deli counter (for some reason, this is where I have heard the least “please” and “thank you”s), or their family members when they arrived home.  I always felt that the kindness that I showed someone else would have a ripple effect, and somehow make our world better.  I have felt this way for decades, but over the past 5 years I’ve been much more aware of kindness, and the impact that it brings.
Cheers to kindness!  Let’s throw kindness confetti all around us, like it’s New Year’s Eve, and let it be taken by the wind, so that it travels far and wide, all over our planet!  Let’s make a kindness move this week!  Ready, set, go!!!

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