What is Raising Our Vibe? Why Now?

Over the past 5 years, I’ve done a lot of self reflection.  I’ve pushed past the surface and dug deep into who I am, what my purpose is.  During this past year, as I have been doing this, I received a light knock on my heart telling me that it’s time.  Time for what?  I was guided to 40 words, and a heart shape.  I was given a message that now that I’ve done a good amount of work on myself, that I need to be an active catalyst for change.  I had been doing my best to learn and grow, helping to life up myself and others up that came across my path.  The knocking was louder.  It was important to be involved in taking some sort of action to make our world a bit better, kinder.  
Raising Our Vibe is a movement, created with the intention of bringing like minded, positive, forward thinking, giving/serving doers together to raise the vibration of each other and our planet, to make our world a better place to live.  Standing for a better way, a better life, is where it’s at.  Coming together, I am confident that we can create change!
This calling has been knocking at my heart for a good chunk of time, saying “it’s your turn, June, to create a big positive impact”.  ROV is taking a stand to state to the world that there is more love than hate, more goodness than evil. Bringing all of the goodness together is powerful, life altering!  
Throughout my life, I’ve had countless life experiences that have brought me to this place where I’m at today.  Along my life path I’ve met so many amazing people, and animals, that have warmed my heart and made me feel so happy and loved!  Our world needs more of these feelings!  
On that same path, I’ve encountered a whole lot of challenges too.  Both of these types of experiences have helped me to grow into the person that I am today, I do know this.  When I look back at the challenging times in my life, I wonder if maybe I could have learned those lessons in a less harsh way.  I’m a stronger, better person because I was able to persevere through those not so fun times, but still.  I believe that although challenges can help to strengthen a person, and help them grow, that we can at least collectively do our part to help to lift up others along the way, and prevent some bumps on the road from being so life changing and so sad.  We need to come together, raise our hands to saying yes to goodness, so that we can help each other, and our planet.  
I choose to raise my hand up high and say YES to standing up for goodness! I say YES to the glass 1/2 full! I encourage you to stand with me and be an agent of positive change. 
I stand proudly for those that have been knocked down, bullied, unfairly treated.  I say YES to goodness, kindness, and love!  I am looking for volunteers to stand with me and raise our vibration!  I know that thousands of you are out there!  
Who’s raising their hand about now and saying “yes, June, I am with you!”?  As I type these words, I know that the Raising Our Vibe movement is so important, because I feel like the battery of life inside of me is being filled up with the best, most exciting happy and positive energy!  Let’s do this!  Together we can make a major positive shift in our world!  We’ve all heard that there is strength in numbers!  Moving forward to collectively raising our vibe is the right thing to do, right now!  Who’s with me?  
Raising Our Vibe, we are coming for you!!!

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